Off Campus Field Visit Evaluation Form

Field Visit Evaluation

Section 01

Degree Programme
Course Title and Code
Name of Lecturer(s)
Place(s) of Laboratory
Date of Evaluation

Section 02

The field visit was timely conducted.
The visit was well organized.
The location selected was appropriate to meet the stated objectives.
The lecturer /resource person discussed subject matter during the visit
The lecturer/ resource person was responsive to students' questions during the visit.
The lecturer/ resource person encouraged student participation
The visit was useful to strengthen the knowledge gathered in lectures.
This field visit was useful for my skills enhancement.
This field visit was useful to develop positive attitudes in the subject area.


Aims and objectives of the visit were explained prior to the visit.
A relevant lecturer accompanied the students.

Overall Grading

The overall grading of the visit


Please make other comments about the lab classes, if any, in the space provided below.